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STOP IT!! This Is The Bad Thing That Happens When You Put Cotton Buds In Your Ear (Video)


Today, let’s talk about the damage cotton buds does to your ear when you use it to ‘clean’ your ear.

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Now, let’s get back to business.

The Earwax that thing you call dirt in your ear is not “dirt”. it’s actually there to protect you and trap dirt/germs. Removing it puts you at risk.

Take a look at the video below:-

You may think you’re cleaning it, but you’re actually pushing the wax further into your ear.

After a while, it gets impacted and difficult to move.

Then you go the hospital and pay money to get it flushed and it may even lead to ear infections

Ear wax is not dirt

Without it, your ear canal would become dry and prone to infection, leave it alone. It’s there for a reason.

The only thing that should enter your ear is your elbow

They that have ears should hear..

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We hope you all will desist from taking Shisha henceforth…


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